Stuart Griffiths – The Shot I Never Forgot – Wednesday 1st April 2009 – G20 protest, Bank of England, London

‘Wednesday 1st April 2009 – G20 protest, Bank of England, London’

 This photo was taken at on April 1st 2009.  I like many other photographers where photographing the G20 protests in central London. There were more photographers than protesters, but at least I could relax in the fact  I was on assignment for the New York Daily News.  I remember getting excited when the light was getting low and watching this posh kid wearing a Union Jack blazer who began attacking a burning dummy with a walking stick.   He was loving all the attention along with the worlds press.  When I sent this image it was never used as someone had managed to get a photo of the Iain Tomlinson (who was unlawfully killed) and that became ‘the story’.  So despite getting excited about taking this photograph, in a way, this was just another generic view of bad craziness, the frustration of youth and how everyone nowadays has a camera.

Ellie Davies - 10th July 2013
Oren Noy -26 June 2013