The Shot I Never Forgot

‘The Shot I Never Forgot’ is an ongoing project in which participating artists are invited to submit an photograph that has remained in their mind since they shot it and the story behind its creation.

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Most of the artists instinctively knew which image they should share, sometimes because it was poignant, sometimes because of its personal significance or simply because it is a great photograph.

As photographers, we shoot many more images than ever see the light of day, often including fabulous stand alone pictures – shot on instinct – whilst making work for another project. Because these single images do not fit the brief, they sit gathering dust in an ever-growing archive. The Shot I Never Forgot is a chance for some of these images to be presented in their own right, for others to enjoy; a platform to enable some of these memorable photographs to be seen for the first time.

This project began in February 2013 and culminated in an exhibition and publication, held during the Brighton photo Fringe 2014. Since then, it has been lying dormant until its relaunch as the first collaborative project on this site. Below you can view the archive of images as well as the new submissions as they evolve.

John House, February 2018



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