Peter Gates – The Shot I never Forgot – ‘Agglestone’


‘The Agglestone’

Shortly after submitting my original image to the ‘The shot I never forgot’ I began to regret my decision. All that self reflection had dislodged the image from my fascination. It was now running free on the internet and I had totally lost interest in it. There are a great deal of photographs in my collection which I continually return to and yet find difficult to place within a series. So when John announced he was going to exhibit them all it was easy enough for me to to come up with a replacement. I wanted to look again at this photo of the The Agglestone which is again a landscape, or perhaps an enormous still life. The Agglestone is a 400 tonne piece of iron-cemented sandstone in Dorset, not far from Corfe and was the destination of a holiday walk with family and friends once. I think I am simply drawn to its immense age and scale and how that idea contrasts with the¬†ephemerality of that afternoon stroll.

Heather Tait - 18 April 2013
Willie Robb - 7 March 2013