Oren Noy – The Shot I Never Forgot – ‘Untitled 2004 petach tikva (urban landscape)’

‘Untitled 2004 petach tikva (urban landscape)’

I took this image back in 2004. At the time I didn’t know exactly to which series it should be belong to nor should it start a whole new series. All my series deals in one way or another with the southern neighborhoods of Petach-Tikva (my immediate surrounding), without a romantic gaze or impressive insight, but rather as a case study for common urban neighborhoods and cultural taste in a western society.

I don’t think photography say something, people do. For me, Photography in the worst case is a shallow cliché, and in a good case a pies of information presented originally, which swallowed in endless mesh of political and cultural discourses.

There are several things that I like about this image which make me return to it occasionally; the extensive occupation with borders and the innovation dealing with it. Almost everything can define a border; Concrete wall, different iron fans, pieces of wood, tin plate and hedges.

Other themes upper as well; emphasized nationalism (flags), fantasy of exotic life style (round parasol), and obvious lust for better living environment (rooted grass) and of course Middle Eastern sun light.


Stuart Griffiths - 2nd July 2013
Luke & Nik - 20th June 2013