Marc Wilson – The Shot I Never Forgot


After 4 years, 23,000 miles and 143 locations, I thought I had completed the photography for The Last Stand in Norway. But no, six weeks later, I now found myself on the ferry, returning from northern France.  Ironically I had also ended up having to return to Norway for an immediate second shoot after all the film from the first trip was fogged in camera. But after editing the images for the project’s book, I realised an extra final trip was needed. So with a car boot packed with gear and supplies, I spent four days along the Normandy coast photographing at 8 locations, full of bloody and horrific memories, to finally complete the work. As I crossed the halfway point in the journey I thought this must be where La Manche and the Channel meet. This time it truly felt like the end of the project.

Martin Seeds - 11th September 2013
Jim Stephenson - 23rd July 2013