Julian Ward - The Shot I Never Forgot - Peru 2006 - portrait of boy in landcape

Julian Ward – The Shot I Never Forgot – Peru 2006

Julian Ward – The Shot I Never Forgot

‘Peru, 2006’

“This photograph was taken on a trek that I embarked on in 2006 to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK after the loss of my father. I travelled with a group of people who I’d not met before but who shared the experience of the loss of a loved one. My companion for the trip was my Mamiya 7 II camera and over the 10 day trek I took a lot photographs of my journey. It was a joyous and emotional experience and gave time for reflection.

The boy was from a small village we passed through on our way to Machu Picchu. Perched on a rock he sat watching us inquisitively as we walked by. I was struck by his looks and his clothing set against the subtle tones of the landscape. I was usually at the back of the trekking group due to taking too many pictures and on this occasion I was able to communicate with the boy to take his portrait. I managed to shoot a frame with him before he ran off hastily.

The picture brings together elements of photography that I enjoy and is a simple reminder as to why I like to make pictures. I’m aware that I’m drawn to the image because of its sentiment but I’ve learnt to realise that its ok to incorporate this into your work which remains part of my practice.  The image is a moment of calm and more importantly connection in what I recall as quite a chaotic & very emotional period of my life.”


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