John House – The Shot I Never Forgot – ‘City Limits’

‘City Limits’

 When I first came up with the concept for ‘The Shot I Never Forgot’, four images appeared in my head within a few minutes. This image, taken whilst studying for my degree was one of them because it marks a significant learning point in my photographic practice.  I was trying to create a series of images that were constructed – something I had never done before and have not really attempted since.  My concept was to make surreal scenes that made comment on the urbanisation of our lives, in particular our leisure activities.  

For the most part, the pictures I made were quite unsuccessful – however, I have always enjoyed this one and returned to it time and again.  In part, I think it works due to the rather striking pose and styling of Ahmet Unver, who kindly agreed to play golf around a car park for the afternoon.  I have always enjoyed how the shot is framed and how Ahmet genuinely looks like he is sizing up his shot towards the tower block.

Whilst I never went anywhere with this series of images – I found the experience a poignant lesson. Constructing an image forces you to consider how to build narrative and meaning into a Photograph by controlling all aspects of it, ideas which can be applied to any style of Photography.

Whenever I look at this image, I wonder why I did not pursue the constructed image idea further within Photography as it offers a uniquely alternative way to work with the medium.

Sarah Smith - 5th December 2013
André Lichtenberg - 25th October 2013