Heather Tait – The Shot I Never Forgot – Untitled

‘Untitled’  2005

I took this photo during the aftermath of the 2005 Tsunami in the southern India. When I first saw the image I couldn’t bare to look at it. Something about the man’s gaze troubled me and left me feeling rather uncomfortable. Here is a photo of a man who had suffered huge trauma and there was I, intruding on his grief and photographing him. What did he get out of the relationship? So I never showed it to anyone.

But it’s an important image for me because it made me question the role of the photographer in situations of trauma and high drama.  It made me question whether the photograph can still be useful as a tool for social change, in today’s world filled with imagery.  It made me question lots of things about photography actually. So I’m very pleased I took it. And I’ve never forgotten it.


Alex Currie - 14th May 2013
Peter Gates - 26 March 2013